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 Studio Policies


Class Placement:

Placement in the beginning levels is determined primarily by age. However as students advance, age is no longer a factor. Instead, students must have the teacher’s recommendation to enroll in these classes. It is typical, but not required, for a student to spend two to three years in each level.

Personal Property:

L'Ecole de Ballet is not responsible for the loss of personal property. Please put your name in all dance-wear, since everyone wears similar attire. 


All communication is done via email. Please make sure we have your current email address.

Tuition and Fees:

Tuition is due every 12-weeks. Additionally, Registration Fee is due with Term 1, Costume Fee (1 costume per class) is due with Term 2, and Recital Commitment Fee is due with Term 3. All late payments are subject to a 5% fee. Please e-mail us for latest rates & info. 

Private Classes:

Due to the increasing number of students requesting private and semi-private lessons, there will probably once again be a waiting list. Please register as soon as possible for these classes by emailing us, or speaking to your child's teacher directly. Private and semi-private lessons are designed as a supplement to, not a replacement for the regular dance classes.

Inclement Weather, Holidays, and School Vacations:

We follow the decisions of the Littleton Public Schools at the director’s discretion. Classes will also be canceled when school is dismissed early due to the weather. If Saturday classes are canceled there will be a message on the answering machine (978-486-4326) and on the website (lecoledeballet.org). We will not call you. Students will be responsible for making up canceled classes.

There will be no class on certain holidays or holiday weekends, check the calendar to note specific dates. There will be no classes during Littleton Public School vacations. As a rule we hold one Saturday class (for Saturday students) at either the beginning or end of a school vacation. Please check the calendar to determine which Saturdays we are using as vacation days

Make-Up Classes:

No tuition refunds will be made, but permission may be obtained to make up missed classes. Students have the opportunity to make up classes from September to April vacation. Dancers may attend any class near the level of their regular class. However, classes designated “Invitation Only” may not be used as make-ups. For the Fall 2020 Term, make-up classes may only be taken virtually to avoid crossing over between cohorts. 

Photography/Videography Policy:

Absolutely NO photography or videography is allowed at theater performances without the explicit permission from one of the studio directors.


Director: Clarissa Eaton                          lecoledeballet@gmail.com                     64 Willow Rd. Littleton, MA 01460