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L'Ecole de Ballet
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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of dance studio are you?

L'Ecole de Ballet began as a classical ballet studio. Over the years, we have developed into a diverse studio, offering ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and contemporary classes. We are fortunate to have worked with many amazing dancers and choreographers from all aspects of dance that have helped us to offer such a variety of styles! Currently, we offer ballet, tap, jazz, and contemporary.

Are you a competition studio?

No.  At L'Ecole de Ballet we believe dance is a performing art.  Students should not be encouraged to compete against each other or other studios.  Each dancer, regardless of age or ability level, has something to offer.  Dance allows children to express themselves creatively, to enjoy music and movement, and to experience the fun of being a different character on stage.  Certainly each dancer is encouraged to be the best they can; to grow and improve with every class or rehearsal by challenging themselves.  Yet, they are also reassured that mistakes happen, and can be overcome.  That is why they take class - everyone has something to learn!

What age student do you accept?

We have classes from three years old through adult. Our pre-ballet class is designed to introduce preschoolers to the worlds of music and dance in a stimulating, fun atmosphere. Young children possess a natural, inhabited ability to take music and translate it into movement. Our goal is to nurture and guide this ability, by making use of children's own creativity. 

Do you offer combination classes?

We believe that students learn best when a class is focused on clear, specific techniques. All of our faculty members use their extensive background in Early Childhood education to create the best possible dance curriculum for children of all ages.  Students may enroll in ballet, tap, jazz, or contemporary. Each style of dance is a different class, taught by an instructor who specializes in that particular style of dance. 

Why don't you have tap or jazz for preschoolers?

Ballet is the foundation of all other styles of dance.  It is the original dance style upon which others are based.  The preschool-age child needs to develop a strong technical foundation to learn proper posture, theory, and technique.  This solid base will prevent injuries, and enhance strength later in their dance career.  The pre-ballet classes are designed to teach the foundations of ballet, and dance in general in a fun, creative manner.

Why choose L'Ecole de Ballet?

We know what we are doing! L'Ecole de Ballet is entering its 35th year. We are now seeing the children of former students enrolling in class! We combine this experience with fresh new ideas gained by master classes and communication with other dance professionals and performers. Our serious dancers over the age of seven are also encouraged to audition for Dance Prism's "The Nutcracker". This enables the motivated dancer to gain important experience performing with a professional ballet company. 

May we try a class?

Absolutely! We invite you to attend a class as our guest. We are very proud of our expertise working with children, and quite happy to let you experience it for yourself. 

Director: Clarissa Eaton                          lecoledeballet@gmail.com                     64 Willow Rd. Littleton, MA 01460