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L'Ecole de Ballet
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Dress Code


Dancers must always come to class in appropriate dance attire. Our dress code is important for both the safety of our dancers and so that teachers can easily see students’ alignment and technique. Therefore, no baggy clothing such as sweatpants, sweatshirts or oversize t-shirts can be worn during class. Warm-ups may be worn for the start of class if needed but should be removed after barre/warm-up.


We are committed to providing a brave, safe, and inclusive experience ensuring that all students feel welcomed and accepted in our programs. Students are encouraged to dress in accordance with their gender identity and gender expression when choosing from the list of appropriate dance attire below. They are also welcome to try different options until they determine what is most comfortable for them. We encourage our dancers and families to reach out to us if any additional accommodations are needed.


We work closely with Eve Jacques at Damien’s Dancewear in Chelmsford, MA. Let them know you’re from L’Ecole de Ballet and they can help you get what you need!


Ballet, Pointe & Technique Classes


Leotard or fitted athletic t-shirts 

  • If leotard is chosen any style in the color for class level
    • Pre-Ballet: Light Pink
    • Beginner Ballet: Hunter Green
    • Intermediate I/II: Burgundy
    • Intermediate III/IV: Navy Blue
    • Advanced I: Black
    • Advanced II-IV: Any Solid Color
  • If t-shirt is chosen it should be a fitted athletic style (no baggy shirts) in black, white or gray only

Tights or Fitted bottoms

  • Tights:  theatrical pink OR flesh colored that best match skin tone (should match ballet shoes)
    • Any undergarments needed for adolescent/adult dancers should not be visible under their leotard.
  • Black fitted bottoms: Jazz pants, compression shorts, leggings, tights, etc.

 Optional Ballet Skirt

  • Short, chiffon only
  • Attached skirt is allowed for young students, but no tutus please

Ballet Shoes

  • Pink OR flesh colored that best match skin tone. Drawstrings should be tied and trimmed
    • We recommend SoDanca or Capezio’s Hanami canvas ballet Shoes
  • Pre-pointe & Pointe students must get their  1st few pairs of shoes checked by their teacher before sewing ribbons & elastics. Students changing brand/style approved pointe shoes should also ask a teacher to check before sewing. Ribbons must be trimmed and tucked in properly.

Hair must be in a bun or a similar style for all ballet classes. Short hair should be pulled away from the face and neck to the best of their ability.  


Jazz, Tap & Contemporary Classes


Fitted dance attire that allows the teacher to still assess proper technique & alignment. This may include:

  • Fitted t-shirt or tank top, sports bra, leotard, etc. (any color)
  • Tights, leggings, dance shorts or pants, etc. (any color)


  • Jazz I & Jazz II: Tan Slip-On Jazz Shoes
  • Tap I/II: Black Tap Shoes
  • Tap III: Black lace-up, full-sole Tap Shoes
  • Contemporary I & II: Bare-Feet or Flesh Colored Half-Soles

Hair must be pulled away from the face and neck

Director: Clarissa Eaton                          lecoledeballet@gmail.com                     64 Willow Rd. Littleton, MA 01460