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2018 LDB Recital Information:


2018 Recital Handout


What's unique about our recitals?


Unlike many studios, our annual performance is a comprised of two sections: a jazz, tap, and contemporary section based on a theme, and a complete original ballet! Even the youngest students get to experience what it feels like to be an important part of a story.  L'Ecole de Ballet is a community; the classes and ages interact with each other within the context of the ballet. 


This year’s non-ballet theme: Introspection


This year’s ballet theme: The Ugly Duckling 


Dates and Location:


Performance location: Littleton High School.

Performance dates: Saturday June 2nd @ 6:00 & Sunday June 3rd @ 12:00.

Dress Rehearsal Dates: Please reserve Tuesday, May 29th for the theater dress rehearsal, and the week of May 21st for blocking rehearsals. (Precise days/times of rehearsals will be available in April)


Younger students perform in only one performance as outlined below.

All other classes dance in both performances.  


Class time




Saturday 9:00

Fireflies Act I

Saturday 6:00 show

Wednesday 4:00

Fireflies Act I

Sunday 12:00 show

Saturday 9:50

Squirrels Act II

Saturday 6:00 show

Tuesday 1:30

Squirrels Act II

Sunday 12:00 show




Director: Clarissa Eaton                          lecoledeballet@gmail.com                     64 Willow Rd. Littleton, MA 01460