L'Ecole de Ballet

Now entering our 30th year!

Experienced, professional faculty combined with a family-friendly attitude.


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Contact Info:

Clarissa Eaton, Director


(978) 486-4326

Studio Located at: 64 Willow Road, Littleton MA 01462

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1431 Littleton, MA 01460

What's unique about our recitals?


Unlike many studios, our annual performance is a comprised of two sections: a jazz/tap section based on a theme, and a complete original ballet!  


Even the youngest students get to experience what it feels like to be an important part of  a story.  L'Ecole de Ballet is a community; the classes and ages interact with each other within the context of the ballet. 


Why choose L'Ecole de Ballet?

We know what we are doing!  L'Ecole de Ballet is entering its 30th year.  We are now seeing the  children of former students enrolling in class!  We combine this experience with fresh new ideas gained by master classes and communication with other dance professionals and performers. Our serious dancers over the age of seven are also encouraged to audition for Dance Prism's "Nutcracker".  This enables the motivated to dancer to gain important experience performing with a professional ballet company.

What age student do you accept?

We have classes for dancers from toddlers through adult. We started the first toddler dance class over 20 years ago!  The class is designed to introduce toddlers to the worlds of music and dance in a stimulating, fun atmosphere.  Toddlers and pre-schoolers possess a natural, uninhibited ability to take music and translate it into movement.  Our goal is to nurture and guide this ability, by making use of the children's own creativity.  Children and parents or caregivers dance together, stretching and exercising both their bodies and their imaginations. 

May we try a class?

Absolutely! We invite you to attend a class as our guest.  We our very proud of our expertise working with children, and quite happy to let you experience it for yourself.

What is your philosophy?

At L'Ecole de Ballet, we believe that dance is a performing art.  We do not enroll  in dance competitions, or expect our families to pay fees for choreography, or marked-up costumes.   We do allow all students to experience the joy of performance by encouraging participation in our annual production.   As a professional dance studio, L'Ecole de Ballet meets the needs of the community by offering quality dance education to all ages and dance levels.  Students enroll in dance classes for a variety of reasons: the development of concentration, grace and musicality, the sheer enjoyment of the movement, or the pursuit of a dancing career.  This school was founded on the desire to fulfill the physical, emotional, and creative needs of each child's development.  Students striving for self-improvement on a personal level are encouraged to develop their goals and talents to their fullest potential.  They become conversant with the aesthetic as well as the technical principles of dance. 

Surely every student is not going to become a professional dancer; however all students should be given the opportunity to experience the excitement and sense of accomplishment that dancing brings.  The staff of L'Ecole de Ballet believes that through proper, caring, quality dance education, both professional and personal goals are attainable. 

Director: Clarissa Eaton                          lecoledeballet@gmail.com                     64 Willow Rd. Littleton, MA 01460